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Another natural landmark, also included in the Czech national nature resevations list, is the rocky cliffs of Broumov. They are formed along a 10 km long ridge lying between Broumov and Police nad Metují. The cliffs are full of rock towns, rock gates, rock mushrooms and steep valleys. The highest is peak is “Božanovský Śpičák” (773 m above sea level). “Kovářova rokle” (Blacksmith’s Ravine) in one of the most often-visited attractions and is accessible from another well-known and often-visited place called “Hvězda” (The star), which offers an entrancing view of Broumov´s basin.

The Benedictine monastery is listed in the Czech national cultural landmarks list for its architectural and cultural value. Today’s appearance is the result of the Baroque reconstruction from the designs of Kilian Ignac Dietzenhofer, carried out during the years 1726 – 1748. This monastery is undisputably exceptional because a replica of the Turin Shroud is on display there for a limited time, and visitors can see one of the oldest monastery libraries in the Czech republic there.