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Rock town in Adršpach

This peerless rock town, where the Metuje river weaves its way through a labyrinth of rock towers, gates and gorges, has been admired by visitors since the end of the 18th century. The rock town in Adršpach is included in the National Nature Reservations list, so visitors are allowed to walk only on marked paths. The main hiking trail is 3,5 km long and shows visitors the most interesting places, such as the Small and Big waterfall, falling from a height of 18 metres. Another attraction is sailing on the rock lake, which is 535 metres above sea level. If you want to see the place where many of the most beautiful Czech fairytales have been shot, you must visit the rock town in Adršpach.

The rock town is opened the whole year and if you do not feel up to the main hiking trail you can choose the smaller one. It is only 1,5 km long and takes you around the lake located in a former sandpit, next to the entrance to the rock town. It is a very pleasant walk which grants you many spectacular views of the eastern part of the rock town. The ruins of a medieval castle called Adršpach are located on Oldcastle Hill, 3 km from the main hiking trail. The castle’s lookout point offers you another spectacular view of the whole rock town as well as the Krkonoše mountains. The rock town is visited every year by thousands of satisfied tourists, not only from the Czech Republic, but from all around the world. We warmly recommend the trip to Adršpach’s rock town to our guests.